Terms of use

Terms and conditions

  1. Any subscription purchased is non-refundable. Except medical certificate prohibiting all physical activities. The reimbursement will correspond to a pro rata corresponding to the number of courses missed during the duration of the certificate. This certificate must be produced at the time of the physical incapacity, in any case before the end of the academic year.

  2. In the event of an absence of a student with a fully paid subscription, the lessons missed by the student may be replaced by other classes from the Art & Sens dance academy, of the same duration, at convenience of the student. These recoveries must be made during the same academic year for which the subscription was taken out.

  3. In the event of a definitive cancellation of a course or a workshop by the Art & Sens dance academy, the balance of the unused courses or workshops may be used either to take out a subscription in a different course, or be reimbursed, but only during the current school year. No subscription will be postponed or refunded the following year.

  4. Subscriptions are personal and cannot be used by third parties.

  5. A subscription of a certain duration is only valid for a course of the same duration.

  6. You cannot use a subscription for a two-hour course to do two one-hour courses (unless the management decides)

  7. In the event of the absence of a teacher, he or she will either be replaced by a different teacher or will take up this course on another day at the teacher's convenience. This day could also be a Sunday.

  8. For a course to be open, at least 6 people must have subscribed to a subscription. People paying their fare à la carte are not included in these 6 people.

  9. Insurance and registration fees are compulsory for taking out an annual or four-monthly subscription. It's cover what the "mutuelle" will not refund in case of self-injury during the class or on the way to or of the class. It doesn't cover if you hurt someone else or break something

11.Anyone attending a course must leave their full contact details, even if the course is taken free of charge. These data will be used in compliance with the rules on the use of private data.

12.Discounts are only granted by the management on the basis of the number of courses taken or promotions in progress and cannot be combined.

13.All subscriptions and cards must be paid for on the 1st day of the course taken. Only four-monthly and annual subscriptions can be paid respectively in two installments and 3 installments over two and three months after the start of the first course followed.

14.The management reserves the right to exclude a person who does not respect these payment rules.

15.Each student must check his physical condition with a doctor before attending dance lessons.